Who are we?

SPILLING DOWN A GENTLE, north facing slope on the edge of the Callan Parklands, Glovers Garden is a cascade of garden beds overflowing with tasty vegetables and flavoursome herbs. From the vines on the fence at the top to the fruit trees and chicken run at the bottom, Glovers is an edible forest of culinary treats.

Glovers is Sydney’s oldest community garden and since being first planted in 1985 gardeners have come and gone but the garden has persisted. Over the years it has hosted visits by TAFE and Permaculture design courses, community gardeners and councils, locals and the plain curious.

Just as the core of an apple forms the centre around which the edible part clusters, so a core team of community gardeners form the epicentre around which the garden grows and changes with the seasons. Whether its the cold winds of winter or summer’s sticky heat, there you will find people carefully planting and weeding, watering and harvesting according to the cycle of the seasons.


And just as an apple has seeds that pass on its heritage to future generations, so too do the Glovers gardeners collect and save their seeds so that they will enjoy the bountiful future yields that come with working with nature.

At Glovers Garden, we grow a sense of place as well as a biodiversity of edible and other plants because place, plants and people go together like beans and corn.

Glovers Garden – Sydney’s pioneer garden and an example of food sensitive urban design in a city in change.


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